Putting J.Lo to shame with the Squeeze Lower Body Video! My saggy buns are now buns of steel. I could bounce a quarter off my cheeks!

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Nothing says hot like tight buns, which is why I got this DVD.

The workout is short but intense, like a shot of tequila.

In a bright brick room Tracy Effinger sweats it out (literally she is glistening) while working your legs, hips, and glutes.

You may think “whatever I am used to working out”. Think again! Instead of regular lunges, you’ll do lunges on tiptoes. What?! My legs were not used to that move.

I was dying! In a good way of course. She uses large movements as well as isometrics to hit those problem areas that often get neglected. I’m talking to you gluteus medius! If you want a butt like a shelf, this DVD is for you.

I swear my buns are looking less pancake and more apple-bottomed since I started doing this workout. J.Lo would be proud.

Workout time: 30 minutes. Items Needed: 1 to 10 lb dumbbells.

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