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wp and fb test imageA fit girl could not ask for more than the Goddess III Gym Bag. And that’s a fact!

This roomy, all-season black and pink bag will make all the ladies at the gym, or pool go green with envy when they watch you flaunt it nonchalantly.

Not only does it boast separate compartments for a wash bag, shoes and wet items, but it actually comes with a spacious wash bag, a shoe and a laundry bag to keep things fresh inside.

Made of sheen polyester, the Goddess III Bag has a water resistant base (in case you flaunt it on the pool side) and a micro-fleece lined jewelry pocket to keep your bling scratch-free.

Add the pass and key space, a water bottle holder, the D-ring holder and the edge piping covered in sturdy plastic that makes it endure any kind of bump, and you have a must-have workout bag.

Oh, and did I mention you could use it as cabin luggage on many major airlines? Tres chic!

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